Welcome to the family owned and operated Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard. For many years this facility was one of the foremost ostrich breeding and ranching facilities in the southwest. The structure that houses our winery, tasting room and corporate offices was once filled with ostrich eggs, chicks and fledglings. The acreage to the west that nurtures our Tempranillo, Viognier and Cabernet grapevines was the same hillside where hundreds of 7 foot tall ostrich roamed during the 80’s and 90’s.

As our ostrich ranching adventure drew to a close and we relinquished our herd, the future of the seven birds remaining was uncertain….. until we needed a name for our winery and vineyard. Today our feathered friends not only adorn the Blue Ostrich label , they also function as as our official winery mascots and welcome you to our beautiful Red River Valley.


John Fredrick Jr. - Owner / Vineyard Manager
In Memoriam 1960 - 2014

Julie - Owner/ Tasting Room and Business Manager

Patrick - Owner / Winery Manager



Come on out and spend the day with us and enjoy the sites of Saint Jo, Muenster and the surrounding areas:

Where to eat: Ancient Ovens | Lazy Heart Grill | Docs Bar & Grill | Rohmers | Dieter Brothers

Where to stay: Elm Creek Manor Spa & Resort | Towering Oaks Ranch Resort | Veranda Inn | Texas Kings Hotel | Bartush Lodge and Cabin

Where to have more fun: Turtle Hill Golf Course | Davis & Blevins Gallery | Muenster Antique Mall | Tales 'n Trails Museum | Lavender Ridge Farms


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